The following is a list of recommended items to have in your Ready Set Go First Aid Kit:
Adhesive tape
Alcohol prep pads
Baby dose syringe
Cloth strips, cut approximately 2 ” by 4 ‘ long
Cotton balls, swabs
Elastic bandage
Eye wash
Duct tape
Flexible wrap
Gauze pads and bandages
Gloves – leather and latex
Hand sanitizer
Hydrogen peroxide
Muzzle – even sweet pets have bad days
Multi-purpose tool
Nylon leash and harness
Pediatric rectal thermometer
Eater-based lubricant
Povidone-iodine solution
Snub-nosed scissors
Styptic powder or pencil
Optional –
Antihistamine (such as Benadryl)
Triple antibiotic ointment
Baby socks
Clean cloths or handkerchiefs
Cold pack
Emergency blanket
Flashlight and spare batteries
Recent photo of family and pets
Water bottle
Wet wipes
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