It is important to be prepared for immediate transport of your pet when disaster strikes! Whether you need to pick up and go on demand, or your Buddy needs to transport your pet; having everything gathered in a waterproof, airtight, and clearly labeled bin is a huge time-saver!
Some of the following items are universal to all pets, but make sure you personalize your Ready Set Go! Kit to your specific pets.

Crate or Carrier (store kit bin near or in crate to save storage space)
Food and Water (watch expiration dates and include a can opener, if needed)
Detailed Care/Feeding instructions
Food and water dishes
Emergency Contact Information
Copies of vaccination records, ownership records, microchip registration, and current photo
Pet First Aid Kit
Medications, Prescriptions, Flea and/or Heartworm treatments
Favorite toys, treats, and bedding
Leash, Collar or Harness, and spare ID tags
Muzzles (emergencies can be very frightening, minimize dangers)
Stakes and tie out for each pet
Kitty litter, pan and scooper
Paper towels and cleaning supplies
Sealable bags for disposing of solid waste and picking up poop
Trash bags
Optional, but useful items to include.. flashlight with spare batteries

roll of duct tape

antibacterial moist wipes

Stay tuned for

Part 4 – Pet First Aid Kits

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