Disasters happen – flash flooding, fires, extreme heat or cold, ice storms, earthquakes, and even industrial incidents can happen in a moment. Disasters catch us off guard, disrupt our lives, and can even make us take a proverbial knee.
It is important to remember your pets in your disaster planning.
20160902_143728.jpgA really good idea is to create a Buddy System; especially for people who live alone. If a disaster happens while you are away, even if just across town at work, not having a back up plan can be end up unnecessarily deadly!
Take into consideration who has direct access to your pets in a crisis, versus a really good friend who may also work for the same company as you. Choose someone to be your Buddy that you trust to enter your home, and if necessary, can relocate your pets to a safe place. Exchange your information with your Buddy to bring your plan full circle.
Make sure your “Grab and Go” plan include several short and long term scenarios to cover the possible disasters common in your area. You will rarely have time to think when disaster strikes. You will simply need to react.
Planning is great, but be prepared for unexpected circumstances that may altar your primary and secondary plans. Go through your plan regularly to make sure everyone is still capable of handling the plan’s responsibilities, contact information is still correct, and all your equipment needed is in good working order. The last thing you need in an emergency is to lose a pet because a leash was worn, or a kennel door lock is faulty!

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