Is My Best Friend Pet Services bonded and insured?

Yes, we carry our bonded insurance through NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters).

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do! We offer reduced pricing to all military service men and women (retired and active), local police, fire rescue, EMT, and USAA employees.

How do I know who is coming to pet sit while I am away?

At your initial meet and greet, you’ll interview your family’s primary caregiver. Your primary caregiver will be responsible for all of your reserved pet sitting visits.

Every primary caregiver has an alternate caregiver in case of emergencies*. The secondary caregiver is properly briefed and informed of all instructions given by you. Our goal is to maintain a high level of consistency and quality services to your family.

*Unforeseen emergencies are instances where icy roads, flooding, gridlocked traffic, etc. prevent our caregivers arrival at your home in a timely manner.

Can my best friend pet services run my dog versus just a walk?

Our fitness clients enjoy the perks of having athletic trainers. Before starting any exercise program, your pet will receive a free fitness evaluation. This assessment helps our trainers customize a workout schedule that best suits your pets health needs and physical abilities.

*Don’t forget your cats, ferrets potbellied pigs, small farm animals, and guinea pigs! These pets need fresh air, and can be exercised outside, too.

Will my caregiver still work in bad weather?

South Texas weather can change on a dime. Your caregiver will make it to your home regardless of rain, snow, flooding, or gridlocked traffic. We can still exercise your pet, and stop in for potty breaks in light rain showers. If the weather is more severe we will shorten potty breaks or reschedule fitness appointments.

*In the case of icy roads, we may arrive up to an hour late. My best friend pet services will contact you directly should roads be closed by TX DOT.

Does my best friend pet services do background checks on all of our caregivers?

Absolutely! All our caregivers must pass a state and national background check. They must have a clean driving record; and not have any kind of criminal record.

What kind of training does my caregiver go through?

My best friend pet services caregivers must uphold our unparalleled level of trust consistency and high standards. Every staff member must have a minimum of three years prior animal handling experience before we consider them for our interviewing process.

All caregivers must graduate from our initial 30+ day professional pet course. Once they have passed all written Hands-On exams (with a minimum scoring of 95%) they are moved into an apprentice position they will remain in an apprentice ranking for a minimum of six months.

My Best Friend Pet Services training course includes first aid/CPR for small animals; special needs training (medicine administration; including administration of insulin, subcutaneous fluids, large pills, etc.); acute special-needs training for paralyzed blind and deaf pets; and finally, dominant or fear aggressive animal interaction. All staff members are monitored on a regular basis for high quality and consistency and received continuous education and Hands-On practice in new situations.

*Your pets health and emotional well-being is our number one priority!

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