Everyday with our clients’ pets is a gift. It absolutely melts our hearts when they go the extra mile to show how much they appreciate US! We greatly appreciate all the kind words of affirmation over the last 12 years, thoughtful gifts, and loving notes left in our daily communication journals.
Thank you Mrs. Horne for taking the time to hand make this a beautiful card to say thank you. I will add it to my art collection from you!! My children also enjoy their card collection, as well; not to forget our Sweet Pancake Christmas morning tradition that you started 8 years ago!
Thank you Mrs winter for this fabulous classic valentine card from Little Miss Rosie , your King Charles Cavalier Spaniel! It brings a smile to my face, as Rosie always does!
#mybestfriendps sends our thanks out to everyone that allows us to be their best friends’ Best Friend!
God bless, and enjoy your day!

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